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Today, it’s time to talk about the difference between a sharepoint content page and application page.

In fact, this difference is really important and you need to do the correct choice before you start the development depending of your need.

Below you will find quick comparison between these two types:


To recap this comparision, depending of your context and the need in term of application design, you need to do a choice.

The application page is a good choice if you developping a sharepoint farm solution with custom pages who need to develop some ASPX pages.

By contrast, if you just need simple webpart page or wiki page for example, the good choice will be a content page.

Don’t forget that when you perform site collection backup, files deployed on filesystem are not backed up and will not be restored (meaning you need to redeploy your farm solution to get your application pages back)

The choice is in you hands now!

Happy sharepointing 🙂